3 Great Exercises for Wrist Pain Relief

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April 5, 2018
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3 Great Exercises for Wrist Pain Relief

Do you start your workday ready to go but, as the day progresses, all the typing you do starts to make your wrists hurt? Does it hurt to text people or workout? If your wrist pain is getting in the way of your job or other activities try these three exercises to get immediate wrist pain relief.

These techniques are easy to do. Take a break from work or whenever the pain gets uncomfortable and do them. They will help keep your hands and wrists from becoming injured more.

It is important to know that sometimes wrist pain is actually caused by other parts of the body such as the shoulders. Good posture is important to keep the pain away from your wrists as is exercising the various muscles in the back. If your pain is persistent always be sure to visit your doctor and have your wrist pain assessed in a holistic fashion.

This is because some of your pain might actually be caused by other areas of your body which can be worked on and ultimately relieve your wrist pain for good. Below are the three exercises from Harvard Health which you will want to do slowly and carefully. Hold every position for about 10 seconds, and do 10 repetitions of each. Do them at least three times a day.

Wrist extension-flexion exercise

Put your forearm on a table. It can help to have padding, such as a rolled up jacket or towel underneath so that you are comfortable. Have your hand hanging off the table, palm down. Stretch the hand upwards until you feel a gentle pull. Put the hand back to the starting position and repeat the same motion, this time with the elbow bent and your palm facing upwards. Know How To Find The Best Instant Back Pain Relief

Wrist ulnar-radial deviation exercise

With the support of the table, place your forearm down with your thumb up. Just like the exercise above, if you want, have a towel underneath to cushion your arm. Move your wrist up and down. It should move in the full range of motion.

Wrist supination and pronation exercise

Stand so that your arm is at your side and bend your elbow to 90 degrees with your palm basing downwards. Rotate your forearm allowing your palm to face up and down. Repeat this exercise with your arms and hands reversed.

The above exercises are easy to do and they can be very helpful in relieving wrist pain. When you go to your doctor to have a physical exam to assess what is causing your wrist pain you might be surprised find that it is also caused by your posture or strain on the shoulders.

When you find out the exact cause of the wrist pain you can work to heal them. Continue to use these exercises to keep your pain from interfering with your ability to do your job or to work out or do other activities. There are a lot of things we need to do with the help of our wrists, so being able to tackle your pain is an important part of living a healthier, happier life. Click here to learn more

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