Beauty Regimen to Live By

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February 19, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Beauty Regimen to Live By

Many people do not realize that there is more to washing or putting moisturizer to your face to boost your beauty potential every day. To maximize what you’ve got, here’s a list of beauty regimens you should live by:

Every morning:

When you’re sleeping, the moisture of your skin and lips usually gets sucked out. Your temperature, hormone levels, and blood pressure rise, that’s why you will observe that your face gets a lot of oil every morning. Furthermore, your skin gets dirty overnight even if you are using a freshly laundered pillowcase, so you must wash your face with a moisturizing, non-foaming cleanser in the morning. This will remove all the impurities and will hydrate your skin. This will also create a clean slate for more nourishment.

After cleansing, de-puff your eyes by dabbing a caffeinated gel. If you don’t have this in your fridge, you can just sip some coffee. Regarding your lips, you can sprinkle baking soda on a toothbrush and lightly spread it on your lips to remove dry flaky skin. Just before you go out the door, cover up your skin (including your face) with moisturizer having an SPF of 30 (or above). Make sure that your moisturizer has antioxidants such as vitamin C and D, and green tea to increase the effectiveness of sunblock.

Every noon/afternoon:

Your hormones will reach their peak starting from early noon onwards, that’s why you’ll observe that oil starts to appear especially in your t-zone. To get rid of the oil and to restart your SPF, you should pat your face with some kind of a mineral powder sunscreen. Make sure that you use a gentle one especially if you have rosacea or eczema. Every afternoon, your body starts to drain again. Your temperature cools and your blood pressure lowers that’s why you will observe that you (and your skin) looks tired, stress, and sleepy. To bring back your energized body and glowing skin, spray some light moisturizing face spray. The good thing about these kinds of sprays is that it contains antioxidants that block free radicals from damaging your skin.

Every night

During this time, it is the body’s turn to recover itself from a tiring day. It repairs muscles and regenerates skin cells. To help your body recover, cleanse away dirt, impurities, and makeup with gentle cleansers. You can also have deep exfoliation twice a week to get rid of dead-cell buildup.  After cleansing, cover up your face with a retinoid product. Exfoliating gloves are amazing when used regularly.

This will help increase collagen production to advance cell turnover. Furthermore, you should apply some oil serum which contains essential fatty acids to reinforce the body’s needed moisture.  You should also use a night cream with glycerin to avoid moisture loss while you are sleeping. Additionally, to have a great 8-hour night sleep, you can spray some lavender oil into your room. The scent of the lavender will help increase relaxation. Finish off your evening with these beauty regimens to prepare yourself for the next day.

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