Hair Salon Near Me Or Color It Myself – Your Guide To Decide

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February 24, 2017
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April 9, 2017

Hair Salon Near Me Or Color It Myself – Your Guide To Decide

Salon Near Me Or Color It Myself? Your Guide To Decide

With so many inexpensive do-it-yourself options, why spend the extra money to go to a salon near you? First, if you possess the knowledge, have healthy hair, the right tools and the right set up, it can be a good experience at home. Take it from someone who has 4 daughters, however: there are some great reasons I avoid the at-home hair coloring event and why I choose a salon near me every time.

First and foremost, professional stylists are trained to keep your hair as healthy and vibrant as possible. Home hair color can take quite a toll on the health of your hair.

Additionally, coloring hair can be – no, hair coloring IS – a messy process, with even one small spill causing a disaster in your bathroom or worse yet, your kitchen. Not having to worry about cleaning up can also be a very good thing.
And certainly, not having to hear your daughters who created the mess, say something like; “Well we told you we should go to a salon, but no, you wanted to save money!” Then the “I told you so’s just a keep a-coming.

Possibly I’ve just tried the cheap route too many times in the past that I’m now settled on finding the solution once and be done with it. My life is much less chaotic, it seems, since I’ve taken this road less traveled. I liken it to judging the food at a restaurant; you simply look at the people and if that’s what you want to look like then by all means, order up. Same goes for the aisles of box stores where they sell hair products. Look at the results standing in front of you vs. those that go to the salon and allow your own eyes to be the judge.


I’ve had a chuckle or two over that particular decision-making strategy with my friend and stylist, Emma, over at Master Image Salon, a beautiful hair salon in ChampionsGate, Florida, serving Kissimmee, Davenport and other local communities near Disney. They have a wonderful clientele that raves about them. One reason I love going there is because I love Emma, Sara and the rest of the people who work there. I actually get a little excited to go. And I deeply respect their experitse on the matter of coloring hair.

On the subject of expertise, skill, and experience, I have this to say: “The advantage goes heavily to a professional colorist.” Knowing the ins and outs because of their professional training and day to day experience is impossible to copy at home. I know this because I’ve watched it, and my daughters sometimes spend far more money fixing things, to a still unsatisfactory result, than if we had gone to the salon to start with.

I especially believe this is true when it comes to the back of the head, and the special things all girls (sometimes guys) want, like achieving highlights or lowlights without damaging and frying the hair or wrongfully applying the color and ending up with uneven and unsightly hair. I think working for Cirque du Soleil may be a prerequisite to getting this done correctly by yourself.

In addition, when you do it poorly at home, who are you going to blame? Like the salon I recommended above, professional stylists will listen to you and know exactly what you expect before they start. They will tell you if your expectations are real or a pipe dream and when the job is done, if it’s not as they said, they will fix it. Although, I’m not sure they have that happen much because I don’t ever hear about it.

While do-it-yourself is a choice for you, there are situations that in my humble opinion one would be crazy to try at home without professional experience.

Your Hair Is Lighter Than You Want It

It’s not getting the hair darker that poses and issue, it’s ending up with the right shade when you are done. Light hair is easy to darken up, but the shades will differ depending. Gaining a natural looking and feeling shade is the real trick and most fail at this and end up ‘accepting’ a result less than they intended. You better test, then test some more and a little more if you insist on doing this by yourself.

You Have Dark Hair But You’ve Always Wanted It To Be Red

Here is my advice; JUST DON’T! I promise you that you will thank me latter. Google people that have done this, I’ll leave it at that.

You Want Your Hair To Be Several Shades Lighter Than It Is Now Or Is Naturally

Lightening hair tends to pull out red that is found in nearly all dark hair. A trained professional can evaluate your hair and suggest either a few step processes or whether to do it at all. We must remember not all colors are right. If you do this wrong, the correction process is much worse that the few steps taken right to begin with. There are at least two steps in this process with number one being the removal of existing color and then toning or adding color. No doubt on this one; a full service hair salon that is trusted is the place to be.

Blonde to Red

I can hear you saying now; “I got you, my hair isn’t dark so I can go red myself.” Hmmm, think again. No matter what shade your hair is today, RED is a tough color to master and you need a color master to help you determine if the shade you will end up with matches the image in your head. They can do amazing things but even they have their limits; at least they know what they are. I will say that for my girls who have light brown hair, the reds have come out beautiful, so it can be done.


Things happen, bad hair days being right at the top of the list and it really doesn’t matter who is at the controls some days. Choose right now whether you want the problem to get solved or to get worse, and your life will be better much faster.

Of course, there are other reasons we outsource things in our lives like cooking, cleaning and mechanic work and for a variety of reasons. But I’ve found with hair, it takes on a very personal level of bad to great, depending on our choice. So, be blessed, choose wisely and enjoy your great new look. And if you happen to be visiting the Kissimmee or Orlando area, be sure to sto in and see Emma at Master Image Salon!

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