Here Are Ways To Use Exfoliating Gloves

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Here Are Ways To Use Exfoliating Gloves

When you exfoliate properly you will improve the overall health and vibrancy of your skin and you will also remove dead skin cells. This process will help keep your pores from becoming clogged which will mean that you will reduce or eliminate acne and blackheads. In many cases, it helps slow down the aging process allowing fresh, bright skin to show.

Choosing Your Gloves

You will want a set of exfoliating gloves that fits your hands well and are lightweight. You don’t want to get gloves that are too rough because they can damage your skin especially if you have skin that is sensitive. You will want to try on the gloves before you purchase them.


Ways To Use Exfoliating Gloves

Before you begin to exfoliate your skin you will need to dampen it with warm water. This allows the pores to open up so that the gloves can work well. You will also want to dampen the gloves and add a few drops of gentle soap or exfoliant scrub. If you want the soap to lather then simply add a bit more water.

Begin by applying gentle pressure to your skin. Move the gloves in a circular motion and don’t use the gloves in areas where your skin may be particularly sensitive. Some of these areas might be very close to your eyes, for example. If you experience any type of pain or redness in a certain area when using the gloves, then discontinue using them in that particular area.

While you’re continuing to exfoliate or microdermabrasion your skin you will need to frequently rinse the gloves. Dead skin and other debris gets caught on the gloves and you don’t want to rub that into your pores, so to prevent that you should rinse. Add more exfoliant or soap to the gloves as needed.

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