Learn the Best SEO Strategy to Follow for Boosting Organic Rankings

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December 22, 2017
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Learn the Best SEO Strategy to Follow for Boosting Organic Rankings

Search engine optimization is not all about using complex techniques to help you get a better ranking on the search engine results page of the keywords you want to rank for. It doesn’t stop on publishing quality content that can get you backlinks and earned shares. In fact, search engine optimization is a collaborative effort between online and offline efforts.

Now you might be wondering how SEO can be improved using off-site techniques when SEO ranking happens online. It might be a little hard to grasp at first, but after you read this article, you will understand how off-site factors affect your SEO.

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Factors That Affect Your Website

There are four factors that affect a website’s position in the organic search ranking results page. Organic means the website’s owner didn’t pay for anything to get a good ranking.

The first factor is the reliability of the website. Reliability is all about observing search engine policies and adhering to standards of quality. It can be obtained and fortified by:

Firstly, boosting authority by publishing relevant and quality content on your website.

The second thing that affects the reliability of a website is its bounce rate, how many users leave your website immediately after viewing the page. A lot of factors may lead to an increase in bounce rate such as loading time, user experience, and irrelevant content.

And third, your domain age. The longer your domain has been in existence, the more credible it becomes as it shows your commitment to maintaining the website.

The second factor that affects your search engine ranking is location. Google now prioritizes a search user’s location when showing search results. Optimizing your website and business listings can help you target more people who are close to your business location.

The third factor is the backlinks that help improve your search engine optimization. Links are categorized as an off-site factor because they are actually not done on your end. Three things that need to be prioritized when link building include:

Quality of links being linked by highly authoritative and relevant website

Quantity of links the number of high-quality backlinks pointing to your website

Anchor text which is how your website’s link is put into text on the other web page’s content

Lastly, the fourth factor that affects your search engine rankings is your presence on social media. Social media has a large network of social sharing. It connects a business to its target market and can easily disseminate and spread information. Your website’s content can be spread on social media where it can earn shares and a viral status. This can help gain your website a higher ranking in search engine results as social media can help boost traffic to your website.

Competing For A Higher Rank

Getting on the first page of search results page can be challenging. With other websites constantly competing for a higher rank, consistent effort is needed to get your website on the first page. search engine optimization company atlanta does not get your website on the first page of search results overnight. Time and effort for improvement and optimization are needed to become successful.

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