Relieve Pain With NSAIDs

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October 10, 2017
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Relieve Pain With NSAIDs

When you are suffering with chronic pain, one of the best ways to stop it is by taking NSAIDs. These drugs stop both pain and inflammation and once you start taking them, you will get relief from your pain right away. You can take them multiple times a day, but you shouldn’t take them long term because they can cause many different types of problems.

Short Term Basis

If you take them on a short term basis you can get some powerful pain relief from even the worst pain. Chronic pain often comes from back injuries and the pain also comes from arthritis. Arthritis can be especially painful and it is hard to control the pain. One of the first things you want to do is start taking NSAIDs when you are experiencing pain from your arthritis.

Reduce Inflammation

NSAIDs not only stop the pain but they reduce inflammation as well. Inflammation can be hard to deal with and it causes chronic pain and makes your joints appear red and swollen. Taking away the inflammation is a great way to reduce the pain so you can start to feel better.

If you find that you have to take NSAIDs for more than 10 days, you will want to check with your doctor so you can be monitored. If you use NSAIDs long term, there is a risk of getting liver damage, kidney damage, and stomach damage. If you take it under the supervision of a doctor, the doctor will be able to check to see your progress and make sure that you are not starting to suffer any side effects.

Side Effects

NSAIDs have other side effects as well. They can also raise your risk of having a stroke and they can raise your risk of having a heart attack. Taking large doses of NSAIDs is going to be the hardest on your body so you want to avoid doing that as much as possible.

Heart Burn

Many people get heartburn and stomach pain when they start taking NSAIDs. You could also end up with an ulcer. NSAIDs can cause you to bleed more and they can cause headaches. Some people get dizzy when they take NSAIDs and they also end up with ringing in the ears.


You might experience rashes or even difficulty breathing. When you take NSAIDs over the long term you put yourself at risk for developing liver and kidney problems. You could also increase your blood pressure by taking these drugs. You will gain plenty of benefits by taking NSAIDs, but there are also drawbacks and dangers, so you also need to think about other alternatives to pain medication.

You might want to start an exercise program to help you cope with the pain and work your muscles and you might need to think about physical therapy to help you deal with some of the pain you are experiencing. Chronic pain isn’t going to go away on its own and you should do everything you can to try to heal naturally. Find more information at

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